What resume means?

A resume, often referred to as a CV (Curriculum Vitae) in some regions, is a written document that provides a summary of a person’s education, work experience, skills, achievements, and qualifications. Resumes are typically used for job applications and serve as a tool for individuals to present their background and capabilities to potential employers.

The primary purpose of a resume is to demonstrate why a candidate is a suitable fit for a particular job or position. It includes information about the candidate’s employment history, educational background, skills, and accomplishments. Resumes are typically concise and well-organized, highlighting the most relevant information for the specific job being applied for.

Resumes come in various formats and styles, but they all aim to showcase a candidate’s qualifications and experiences in a clear and professional manner. A well-crafted resume can increase a candidate’s chances of being selected for an interview and is an essential part of the job application process in many industries.