Job Openings at Bahrain Pharma

Bahrain Pharma is a specialty healthcare company focused on improving the lives of people while creating value not only in the Pharmaceutical sector but also in Nutraceutics. Bahrain Pharma_ develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes quality branded Pharmaceutical and generic products as well as Nutraceutical Products through its distribution channels. Bahrain Pharma_ has production capabilities for a wide variety of product types including Veggie Softgel Capsules, Syrups and injectable products (including Lyophilized Vials, Cartridges, Prefilled Syringes and Ampoules).

Bahrain Pharma_ is also a very well-known company in contract manufacturing in the GCC region. We have 9 billion annual production capacity of Veggie Softgel Capsules. Bahrain Pharma_ offers a wide range of products in Veggie Softgel capsules and we also offer product development service for Pharmaceutical or Nutraceutical products in Veggie Softgel Capsules. Bahrain Pharma_ has an outstanding products pipeline. These products are developed under the direction of highly skilled specialists employed by Bahrain Pharma_ and in collaboration with other research based pharmaceutical companies.We believe that, supporting the medical professionals by providing them up-to-date knowledge and best choice of medicine will ultimately help to improve the health of patients. This is our goal and vision to deliver unmatched value to our customers in the healthcare profession. At Bahrain Pharma, we always have focus to Broaden on innovation grounds, Execute on customer-focused portfolio investments, Capitalize on emerging markets opportunities, Develop highly skilled team and create a culturally rich environment at the company.

Current Vacancies – Bahrain Pharma

QC Microbiologist

Electro-mechanical technician–Engineering machines and utility

Electrical technician –Production machines and utility